For questions regarding lot purchasing information, or obtaining permits please contact Amy Goodwin at 580-254-8585

For questions regarding Cemetery ordinances, maintenance, or other issues please contact Keiton Koch at 580-216-9145

For existing grave site information please click here.

Cemetery Regulations

Permit and approval for headstones, curbing, benches, trees, plants, hose stands, and decorations must be obtained from Cemetery Sexton.

Only permitted decorations are allowed.

Temporary decorations on new graves must be removed after fourteen days.

Statues must be one foot in height or more, and must be affixed to headstone foundation.

Flowers must be placed in stone vases affixed to headstone foundation or in headstone saddles.

Military stake markers are permitted.

Small American flags are permitted but must not be placed on the ground.

No other decorations are permitted.

Unapproved decorations are subject to removal.

Regular sprinklers or sprinkler hoses are not permitted.

Watering may only be done by soaker hose.

Damaged or unapproved hoses are subject to removal.

Hoses left on ground when not watering are subject to removal.

Rock, cement, and artificial turf are not permitted as new lot coverings after October 19, 2020. 

All pets must be leashed at all times.

Please read and follow current ordinances for Elmwood Cemetery. These address many topics including permanent and temporary decorations, headstone and curbing regulations, benches and flags, along with watering and upkeep by cemetery visitors. 

Please Keep Elmwood Cemetery Lot Contact Information Up To Date

If you take care of or decorate a loved one’s resting place at Elmwood Cemetery, please keep your contact information up to date in case of needed contact. Address and phone number updates may be submitted by calling the Cemetery Clerk at (580) 254-8507 or online at cemetery@cityofwoodward-ok.gov

Cemetery Maps