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Building Regulations

The Code Enforcement Office issues permits for any building activity that takes place within the city limits. This includes:

  • Carports
  • Demolitions
  • Fences
  • Moving a structure or mobile home onto or off of a lot
  • New roofs
  • New structures
  • Remodels
  • Signs

Permits must be obtained before work begins. Any contractor doing electrical, plumbing, gas piping or mechanical work is required to obtain a permit through the Code Enforcement Office. Contractors that are required to have a state contractor’s license are required to register that license with the City Code Enforcement office.

The cost of permits and city registration can be found in the land usage section of the City of Woodward Code of Ordinances.


Our city zoning map is located below for reference. Please contact us in person at the Code Enforcement office within City Hall or call the Code Enforcement Department 580-254-8515 for confirmation of a location's zoning classification. We will also be happy to help you locate an area on the zoning map and answer any questions you might have regarding the city's zoning regulations.

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Flood Damage Prevention

The City of Woodward regulates all building activity or development that takes place within any special flood hazard area which has been identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency on its Flood Hazard Boundary Maps. Development permits for these areas are issued by this office.

Subdivision Regulations

Our city subdivision regulations can be found in the land usage section of the City Code of Ordinances. Any new land developments or proposed subdivisions should be brought to the Community Development Office for review to insure that these regulations have been followed. Developers and builders can contact Community Development and we will be glad to assist them through the subdivision process.


To schedule an inspection or for any Code Enforcement questions, call 580-254-8515.