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Starting June 11th late fees on water bills will be assessed and cutoff will resume with the $25 non payment fee being applied. Payment plan options are available at the water department.

In order to do our part for public safety, we are encouraging the public to please use the City’s online service, phone system or drop box to pay utility bills.



BY PHONE at 833-208-7482 

SETUP TEXT-TO-PAY by calling 833-208-7482

BY EMAIL at utilitybilling@cityofwoodward-ok.gov

Water payment extensions are available online 

Extension must be submitted by 5pm on the 20th of each month.

To conduct any City business please call 580-256-2280

Thank you!


Cemetery Ordinances in Effect

Please read and follow current ordinances for Elmwood Cemetery. These address many topics including permanent and temporary decorations, headstone and curbing regulations, benches and flags, along with watering and upkeep by cemetery visitors.

Click here to view Ordinances

 Please Keep Elmwood Cemetery Lot Contact Information Up To Date

If you take care of or decorate a loved one’s resting place at Elmwood Cemetery, please keep your contact information up to date in case of needed contact. Address and phone number updates may be submitted by calling the Cemetery Clerk at (580) 254-8507 or online at cemetery@cityofwoodward-ok.gov


Payments can be made Online by clicking HERE

If you have any questions, or need to make arrangements, please contact the court office at 580-254-8585 or email courtclerk@cityofwoodward-ok.gov


Online permit applications can be accessed HERE

Permits will be issued from this office by E-mail or Fax to the address listed on the application. Plans or drawings showing details of the work to be completed should be submitted with the permit application. For larger jobs all permits and drawings can by submitted by mail.

Inspections can be requested by calling this office at 580-254 8515

Please feel free to call or email this office with any questions you might have regarding Community Development issues.

Phone: 580-256-2280

Email: communitydevelopment@cityofwoodward-ok.gov


For the health and public safety of our community only a certain number of library customers will be allowed in the library; therefore, we ask you to please limit your time.

New Library Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 9AM - 4PM
Friday, 9AM - 11AM

Only 2 computers will be available for use with 30 minutes sessions. 

Children’s computers will be closed. 

Hand sanitizer will be available. 

Please be respectful of everyone’s personal space and practice social distancing.

We miss our customers! Please observe these simple regulations to keep everyone safe!

Digital Library Card Application

To apply, click HERE.

This is ONLY available for residents of Oklahoma who do not already have a library card. 

One you have applied. Please wait 1-3 business days for a response as we work to answer all applications.

If you need to renew your card, reset your password/pin, or pay fines and fees over the phone.

Library card holders have access to OK Virtual Library and RB digital for e-books, downloadable audio-books, magazines, Acorn TV, educational materials, and more!
Visit our website at woodwardlibrary.okpls.org for other digital material. 

If you have any questions please contact us at 580-254-8544 or email us at library@woodward.lib.ok.us


Due to public health concern. All facilities are open and operating with the current CDC guidelines being observed.

For further information please call 580-256-6011